Collection MiAGR - Plant and food pathology section

Scientific responsible of the collection: Davide Spadaro

The MiAgr Collection – Agricultural and postharvest plant pathology section is a collection of microorganisms that refers to the Plant Pathology Unit of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences (DISAFA) of the University of Turin. The collection originates from monitoring activities aimed at studying phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria associated with agricultural plants, fruit, vegetables, and cereals. The collection includes isolates of mycotoxigenic fungi and isolates of antagonistic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi relevant for biological control and for the stimulation of plant growth. The collection is maintained and stored according to biological and environmental safety standards.

The research group "Agricultural and postharvest plant pathology" deals with plant diseases of economic importance, crop protection and food safety. The research concerns:

  • the biology and epidemiology of plant pathogens of crops,
  • the development of diagnostic techniques for plant pathogens,
  • the integrated and biological control of plant diseases,
  • the development of beneficial microorganisms useful in agriculture,
  • seed health,
  • resistance to fungicides,
  • the study of storage diseases of fruit and vegetables and cereals,
  • the study of mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins,
  • the application of omics sciences to the study of:
    • interactions between plant and pathogen,
    • the plant, soil, and air microbiota,
    • the genomics and transcriptomics of phytopathogenic, mycotoxigenic and antagonistic fungi.

The laboratories are set with specific equipment and structures to carry out research in mycology and bacteriology and for carrying out analysis using classical microbiology and molecular biology techniques.