Collection MiVET - Veterinary clinical and animal-source food microbiology section

Scientific responsible of the collection: Patrizia Nebbia
The Research Group in Veterinary Clinical Microbiology primarily conducts laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases of bacterial origin. Within this unit, personnel from the Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Turin, contribute specialized expertise. The laboratory focuses on diagnosis, prophylaxis, and treatment of bacterial infections in animals, with research projects dedicated to implementing innovative identification methodologies. Certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards since 2015, the laboratory is divided into two main sectors: bacteriology and molecular biology. The bacteriology laboratory conducts microscopic, culture-based, and in vitro sensitivity testing to antibacterial drugs. The molecular biology laboratory provides services for molecular identification and characterization of bacteria.
The research group Inspection of Food of Animal Origin carries out its activity mainly in the field of the study of agents responsible for Food Born Diseases (FBD) and parasites transmitted by foods of animal origin. Teaching staff and health technicians from the University of Turin (Department of Veterinary Sciences) with specific  kills work in the structure, as well as doctoral students and contract workers. The laboratory’s activity is aimed at the detection, study and characterization of pathogens and spoilage agents, their resistance to antibiotics and sanitizers, their toxigenic power and their biofilm forming ability. To this end, the laboratory uses traditional culture methods combined with biomolecular methods.
Bacterial strains of particular interest are stored, catalogued and inserted into the database. Furthermore, samples sent by external laboratories that intend to store some isolated strains pure are also included in the database.