Collection MiVET - Clinical Veterinary Microbiology section

The Clinical Veterinary Microbiology group focuses on areas related to laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases of bacterial origin in animals.

This laboratory enrolls faculty members of the Department of Veterinary Science of Turin University. Moreover provides advanced research training to graduate students working towards their Ph.D. degree and to post-doctoral fellows as well as to external veterinary clinicians. 

This laboratory has been following UNI EN ISO9001 quality rules since 2015.

The diagnostic course herein performed takes advantage of microscopic, biochemical and molecular biology-based approaches (PCR, sequencing, NGS) onto the microorganisms isolated from the submitted clinical specimens. These include blood, stool, urine and surgical material. Both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms are identified. Moreover, an evaluation of the antibiotic resistance through the agar diffusion method is provided (AST). All necessary equipments for traditional and molecular biology-based diagnoses are here available. Finally, institutional core facilities such as MALDI-TOF and ILLUMINA systems are achievable.  

Here is established a comprehensive de-novo collection of relevant bacterial strains isolated from clinical samples of feline and canine origins. This collection, of which all members are morphological, genetic and biochemically extensively characterized, takes part to the constitution of a more wide pathogen data bank (Turin University Culture Collection, TUCC).   

Moreover this laboratory provide a maintenance service for external laboratories which send valuable and selected bacterial strains.